Chika Uwazie

Work with me
Work with me

Hey there,
I‘m Chika

You're ready to flex your knowledge, connect with key authorities, change careers, or level-up in your current company.

I would love to share over 10 years of experience in HR, recruitment, and career coaching  to help amplify your voice, grow, and make moves!

I want you to wake up excited because you are in your dream job and ready to make a real impact.

My experience in HR lets me see how recruiters, managers, and leaders think and evaluate candidates. I can help you navigate all of these roadblocks and achieve your highest potential.

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Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Research shows that you have less than 10 seconds to make an impression with hiring managers and recruiters.

It’s time for you to stand out from the crowd and make an impact! No more throwing your resume into a black hole. Let me help you find the secret sauce.

What if you:

Had an amazing  resume designed to impress recruiters?

Were paid what you are worth at an organization you are ecstatic to work for?

Found out how to change careers without feeling overwhelmed with a strategic blueprint designed to get results?

Let’s Level Up Together

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